USB-C-to-USB Adapter – Charge-Plus


Why Use a Charge-Plus USB-C-to-USB Adapter?

Have you ever wanted to watch movies, or to listen to volumes of stored music on a mobile phone or tablet? Or maybe you want to connect a keyboard, mouse, or scanner. There are even more options, but they all have one thing in common. All of these add-on devices tend to be very power hungry and can drain your battery quickly. Charge-Plus USB-C is the perfect USB-C-to-USB OTG adapter that allows you to use many external USB 2.0 devices without losing power on your mobile device.
USB-C-to-USB Adapter

How Charge-Plus USB-C-to-USB Adapter Works

Charge-Plus doesn’t only charge the tablet or phone, it also powers the peripheral at the same time. Just connect Charge-Plus USB-C to your device and plug in your peripheral and existing charge cable.  (If you remove the power connector, your device will automatically start powering the attached peripheral with its own battery.)  Stay charged and stay connected with Charge-Plus USB-C edition.

Charge-Plus USB-C Features and Benefits

• Works with any USB-C enabled device

• Connect any USB 2.0 peripheral supported by your device

• Requires an approved USB-C charger – the official one that comes with your phone or tablet

• Quick connect – plug and play

• Built in Canada

• UPC 623614912035