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Extend your phone or tablet’s battery life with Charge-Check!

Why Battery Overcharge Protection with Charge-Check ?

Most people overcharge their phone battery when they plug it in to charge overnight. Even a very low battery will recharge in a few hours. Leaving it plugged in overnight means the battery will continue to trickle charge for several hours. This uses electricity unnecessarily, and over time, will lead to a shortened battery life. Charge-Check provides battery overcharge protection to extend the lifespan of a battery.  
Battery Overcharge Protection

How Charge-Check Works

Simply connect between your manufacturer provided charger and phone. Charge-Check will detect when your phone battery is close to being fully charged and then, acting like a fuse, it will stop further charging. Battery overcharge protection couldn't be easier!

Charge-Check Features and Benefits

HEALTHIER CHARGING. Charge-Check will keep your battery healthy for longer by protecting it from being constantly charged (trickle charged) once it approaches 100%.

SAVE MONEY. Using Charge-Check means batteries will last longer, which will improve the lifecycle cost of a phone.

ECO-FRIENDLY. When your battery lasts longer it means fewer batteries need to be disposed of. Help keep excess Lithium-ion batteries out of landfills, and save on electricity usage.

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Good for the Environment

Why Buy Charge-Check?

While Lithium-ion batteries can be recycled, unfortunately the vast majority are thrown away. If we can reduce the need for replacement in the first place, we believe the planet will be better off for future generations. To illustrate the impact of Charge-Check, consider this: There are 230 million smartphones in the USA. If 10% extend their phone life by using Charge-Check, 23 million fewer batteries will end up in landfill.

23 million batteries laid end-to-end would span Seattle to San Diego!