Does 5G require you to charge your phone more often?


It seems with every iteration of new mobile network standards, there seems to be some "cons" in addition to the "pros". 5G is no exception. One debate currently happening is the concern that 5G is having an effect on battery life. While it's far from conclusive, numerous sites have raised the possibility this is an issue. As 5G devices are typically on the higher end of cost, we would suggest that those who are concerned about this and want to protect their investment, consider Charge-Check. If 5G is draining these devices, Charge-Check will ensure optimal battery charge is consistently applied during the charging session. Learn more about this at:

Lithium-ion Battery Warning in the News

Yet another report of a Lithium-ion battery causing a fire in a recycling depot. This happens all too often, yet is easily prevented with proper disposal. Better yet, with Charge-Check maintaining your device’s battery, you can extend the life of your battery and device. There are 230 million smartphones in the USA. If 10% extend their phone life by using Charge-Check, 23 million fewer batteries will be in the trash prematurely. 23 Million Batteries laid end-to-end would span Seattle to San Diego!




The secret to a long-lasting mobile phone battery

Tablets and mobile phones are everywhere. They keep us connected to the people we love. They entertain us with music, games and movies and more. The quality of mobile phones and tablets is pretty robust these days but there is a weak link that is often overlooked. The battery. Virtually all phones and tablets are powered by Lithium-ion batteries that start to degrade from day one.

Most of us overcharge our phone or tablet battery simply by plugging it in to charge overnight. Leaving the phone or tablet plugged in after it has reached 100% results in the battery trickle charging for several hours. This creates two problems. One is using electricity unnecessarily, and the second is speeding up the rate at which a Lithium-ion battery wears out.

When your tablet or phone battery starts to fail a few things can happen. The battery simply won’t hold a charge or, in some cases, the battery physically swells up. Replacing the battery – if it’s even an option – can be quite expensive. A replacement battery can cost $50-$150… more when the service cost to replace it is added.

If you want to extend the life of your battery to avoid having it fail before your device does, there is a solution. Charge-Check – a new accessory from Charge-Tek – can extend the lifespan of virtually any mobile phone or tablet battery. Charge-Check stops the battery from charging just before it hits 100%. No more battery overcharging! This method of healthy charging can extend the life of your battery for years.

Charge-Check is light-weight and easy to use. It connects between the mobile phone or tablet, and your manufacturer provided wall charger. With Charge-Check, a phone or tablet can be connected to charge, even overnight!

There is another less obvious but extremely important benefit to using Charge-Check. Extending the life of phone batteries can reduce the number of them that end up in landfill sites. Considering that there are approximately 230 million smartphone users in the USA today, if merely 10% of users extend their phone life by using Charge-Check, it could result in 23 million fewer batteries ending up in landfill sites.

You’ve invested your time finding the right mobile phone or tablet…and then more time figuring out how to use it. You’ve invested your money buying it. Protect your investment and start charging your battery the healthy way with Charge-Check. Learn more or order Charge-Check today at

Maintaining Battery Health

What is Overcharge Protection?


Before I discovered Charge-Check, overcharge protection meant that if I bought an outfit at my favorite fashion store and it went on sale a week later, I could get a refund for the difference. For me, that was “overcharge protection”.

Then I came to learn about a whole other meaning for overcharge protection that involves your mobile phone or tablet battery. And pretty well everyone needs it! There is a geek exception rule. If you have read, and actually follow the manufacturer instructions about how to charge your mobile phone battery, then you might be the exception to needing this product. However, if you are like me, and plug your phone in to charge overnight, then you are slowly but surely degrading the Lithium-ion battery that keeps your phone or tablet alive.

Manufacturers will tell you that Lithium-ion batteries should be stopped from charging once they get close to a full charge. After that point they continue to “trickle charge” and that is where the damage is done. But there is a solution!

Charge-Check is an accessory that provides battery overcharge protection. It is designed to stop charging a battery once it is close to being fully charged. When you use Charge-Check, your battery can last up to three times longer – which means you can enjoy your phone for longer – which will save you money! You won’t be drawing electricity unnecessarily and, there will be fewer batteries going into landfill sites.

Now I keep my Charge-Check connected to my charger and use it every time I charge my mobile phone or tablet. I feel more confident that the life of my battery will match the life of my device. And in case you were wondering, I still ask for overcharge protection if an outfit I just bought goes on sale.


Healthy vs Degraded Battery Comparison

Healthy vs Degraded Battery Comparison